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Amazing Hikes You Must Do Before You Die: Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Trek in Tibet


Located to the west of Tibet, Mount Kailash is known as one of the world’s holiest mountains. Tourists visiting Tibet for two weeks or more often make time to take the trek to Mount Kailash.

Background on Mount Kailash 

Trips to Mount Kailash are often referred to as pilgrimage treks because Buddhists and Hindus travel there as often as Tibetans do. Chinese and Western travelers also often visit. In general, the altitude when engaging in this trek is close to 5,000m, making it challenging even for those experienced at treks. Embarking on this trek affords participants an opportunity to see snow -capped peaks, beautiful, clear lakes, and spacious green valleys.  [Read more…]

6 Things You Must Know if You Are a First Time Trekker In Nepal



One might consider themselves a trekker and accomplished many great things, but paying pilgrimage with a trek to Nepal changes everything. Many think of Mount Everest when they think of Nepal, but it is home to 8 of the tallest peaks in the world. There are numerous summits in the world that can provide you with an awesome view, but the Himalayas inspire awe on their own.

Since that is something which is virtually impossible to put into words, I thought I’d put together a list of the lessons I learned from my recent trek pilgrimage to Nepal. That way, when you plan your first-time trek in Nepal, you’ll be ready for some of the experiences you may encounter. [Read more…]

6 Lessons We Learnt from the Annapurna Base Camp Trek


One of the most popular treks in the Himalayas is the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek. Very few journeys offer such a wide variety of challenges and landscapes. You’ll find high altitudes, rhododendron forests, and rice paddies along the way. It is unique, spectacular, and something that changes your perspective about life itself.

Our group put together some of the personal lessons learnt while trekking ABC. Although we all had our own reasons for embarking on this adventure, ABC brought us together.  [Read more…]

The Trek of Hope – Philippines 2016


This is the third year I have visited the Philippines representing Trek For Hope, and in many ways it still feels like every step I take is a first footstep. Every year I feel like we get closer to the goal of providing a hand up to all those who need it, yet so many find themselves in circumstances which many would consider to be unfathomable.

We do this not to bring glory to ourselves, but to give glory for the hopes, efforts, and daily striving of the people we were so privileged to serve. As with every trip like this, my heart has been changed in numerous ways.

Here is our 2016 journey.  Come join us. [Read more…]

Trek For Hope, Philippines 2016 – sharing by the Kwok sisters


By Samatha Kwok, 12

To be honest, this climbing mountains trip was pretty fun; I made new friends like Aunt Bew, aunt Lay Hoon, brother Peter and sister Lydia, Even the 笨笨 trio who made jokes and uncle Mike sim who taught us to improve our brains took extremely good care of my sister and me.

The climbing part taught me to persevere and to work hard in order to achieve our dreams and………. most importantly, believing in ourselves.

After at that, if there was one thing I will have to learnt which meant the most to me, it was ‘ gratefulness ‘. I am 12 and I don’t really fully understand the true meaning behind this word. I learnt it after our trip to smoky mountains, it’s not just a word in fact it’s the actions we do, thee feelings we feel and the thoughts we think.

Their thoughts every day is to worry what they are going to eat? How they are going to bathe and how do we get water to drink. Most of the people in Singapore take things for granted as we have money, but can money buy everything? Happiness?  love? [Read more…]

Ode to the Women You Meet on the Trail

2 collage

Ode to the Women You Meet on the Trail

Your backpack was heavy, but you carried it so.
The trail has been calling, so off you must go.
The tropical heat may try to make your ambition take a seat.
Yet you take one step ever forward, a mountain’s summit to greet.

The sweat streams down your face, but still you smile.
A day on the trail makes it all worthwhile.
All the stress, the responsibilities, the cares of this world.
Everything disappears because on the trail, you’re not “just a girl.”

You’re a conqueror. A warrior. A spirit striving for adventure.
A poet. A photographer. An artist never censured.
The trail is a venture that touches your soul like none other.
Every day is a new day, a new chance to discover.

Discover who you are and who you are meant to be.
Discover what Mother Nature thinks of impossibility.
Discover that there is perfection in every moment on the trail.
Discover that success can be found, even when you fail.

Here’s to you and what you do and who you are each day.
Here’s to a new trail that leads you in a new and exciting way.
Keep exploring, keep hiking, keep finding something new.
In doing so, the world will always want to be a little more like you.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Climbing G3 Gunung Yong Belar 2,181 m.a.s.l


By Lily Ho

Since I started the hiking habit in Malaysia in 2014, I have been taught that there are 12 mountains at/above 7,000 feet in Malaysia, termed as G12. There are also 7 mountains at/above 7,000 feet in Peninsular Malaysia, termed as G7, which are worth to be explored too. It sounds like a wonderful challenge, but I have never had the wishful thinking to attempt a climb of each mountain. This is despite organising a climb to the seventh highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, G7 Gunung Ulu Sepat, two months ago.

G7 Gunung Ulu Sepat was climbed by 23 members (14 were from Singapore) was a wonderful project to me. According to our guide, G7 is the easiest climb compared to other six mountains. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any challenges that would need to be overcome on this trip. [Read more…]

Psst… Hey You all SG Hikers! Come Join Us at The Adventure Village!


As part of the efforts behind Trek For Hope, a private Facebook community called Trek For Hope Village was created in 2015 to provide interested people with updates about charitable work, activities, and it served as a place where those who participated in events could connect and share photos or start discussions. It is a wonderful community and we’d like to invite you to come join us as we take our next step on this journey.

In the past, this Facebook community has been more like a bulletin board instead of an actual online place for us to gather. Our goal is to evolve it into a fun and safe place where we can share our experiences, our thoughts, and our emotions with each other – and much, much more. [Read more…]

The “Golden Grains” at Bukit Tabur – Trekking the Far East and Extreme Trail


TREKKINGThere is a Malaysian folktale about a young paddy farmer called Kassan. When the paddy was ripe, he would go to his hut to keep a look-out for pests so that the crops would be safe. One day Kasan saw his paddy being eaten by sparrows. He drove them away, but they kept on returning. He became worried and tried to think of new ways to get rid of them.

On his way home, Kassan met an old woman carrying a heavy sack of rice on her back and offered to help her. “You are a kind-hearted man,” she said. “Youth nowadays can only think of themselves.” 

As they walked on, the old woman noticed that something was weighing on Kassan’s mind. After much probing, Kassan shared with her about his problem at the paddy field and his plan to kill the sparrows. [Read more…]

Go When the Morning Shineth – A DIY Guide to Climbing Mount Kinabalu

DCIM102GOPROAh…The mysterious lure of Mount Kinabalu.

It’s the most famous mountain in Southeast Asia.  It is at an entry level to a hiker’s first 4000m, plus as an added bonus, the promise of a glorious sunrise at the summit. Standing at an imposing 4095m on the Crocker Ranger of Sabah, East Malaysia, whether the mountain intimidates or calls you on gently, Aki Nabalu remains one of the top climbing locations for hikers in this region and around the world.

Having first climbed the mountain in 2013 – the memories of coming down the mountain with cramps still makes me shudder – I did not entertain any thoughts of returning to climb Mt Kinabalu until a Facebook conversation with a local Sabahan climber. We spoke about the plight of the local mountain guides who were the unsung heroes of the 2015 June earthquake and I was inspired. [Read more…]