16 Reasons Why Hiking Is Better Than Sex (by The Adventure Village)

Why Hiking Is Better Than Sex

a collaborative blog post by The Adventure Village

There are some essential hiking trails that must be experienced if you are staying in Singapore. Be it Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Southern Ridges, Fort Canning Park… each deserves some time with your boots on and cameras out.

Remember to bring some “protection” for your gears so it doesn’t pick up something that requires a good cleaning.

So even though local trails may seem familiar and almost boring, hiking on them can still better than sex in some days – or most days, depending on who you might ask.

Here are 16 reasons that were offered to why hiking is better than sex within the Adventure Village community.


Climb the Peak and a Climax Is Virtually Assured


1. “You can shout (or sometimes cry) as much as you want when reach the peak or climax.”

2. “Because you can climax and get high!”

3. “It (Hiking) gets even better after you climax.”

4. “Because you can climax above the clouds.”

(Tien Seng, Ian, Saravan. Sucan)

Everyone Gets Gratified


5. “Hiking is better than sex because the rock is always HARD.”

6. “You get to do it with more people.”

7. “You will wanna do that every week… if not, you will feel itchy somewhere.”

8. “You can enjoy the same or different peak with the same or different people.”

9. “Because you can take a photo of your climax and post it to Facebook.”

(Choon May, Sara, TS, Sucan)

The Size of the Supply are endless, Especially When You Climb


10 . “You have a water supply to drink as much and when you want.”

11. “You don’t have to stick with the same person to climax.”

12. “We pose and take many pictures and video of our climb.”

(Sara, TS) 

You Can Spread the Joy Without a Doctor’s Visit

13. “When you see the awesome sights of the mountain, you keep saying, ‘Oh, my God!’ many times.”

14. “You can take as many selfies and wefies along the way and your partner will be willing to post them.”

15. “The mountains will never expect you to contact them after a hike or throws a drama if you forgot to call.”

(TS, Sara, Choon May)

Or Maybe Hiking and Sex Are the Same Thing


16. “They are the same. Both involve climbing, exploring valleys, going through bushes, reaching peaks, and in some cases, riding a horse. Instead of separation, embrace both, as these experiences strengthen your overall skills.”

(Francis Chuah)

So if you’and your partner are undecided over to stay longer in bed or take a hike at, say Sungai Buloh, remember that hiking is better than sex (according to the Village). You can get muddy, enter a wetland habitat, and be able to admire the view for as long as you want.


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