17 Dream Destinations Adventure Villagers want to visit in 2017/8!

17 Dream Destinations

a collaborative blog post by The Adventure Village

There are some adventures that we do on a regular basis because they are fun or having meaning to us in some way. Then there are the adventures that we dream about doing one day.

We talked to our community members of Adventure Village to see what their dream adventures and destinations would be. Here are the top trekking destinations that members would like to see organized in the future.


1. Haute Route: France and Switzerland 

3661784185_ab1a9e6e8e_bPicture: source

This trekking adventure takes you from the beauty of Mount Blanc to the majesty of the Matterhorn. It is also a common cycling trek, allowing one to access one of the highest and toughest routes that is in the world today. 

2. K2 Base Camp  

5981016346_a113e68f11_zPicture: source

The K2 Base Camp trek has one of the best high mountain scenery opportunities that is in the world today. It is a mountain that is both surreal and savage, creating a dream opportunity to take your trekking skills to another level. 

3. GR20: France

22813987883_cbbeda050c_zPicture: source

This long-distance trail is one of the toughest of its kind. It traverses Corsica diagonally, has a variation in height of 10,000 meters, and requires about 15 days to walk. 

4. Inca Trail, Peru

7177659619_5fa4cfb774_zPicture: source

This adventure takes visitors to the grandeur of Machu Picchu. Trekkers get to explore the beauty of the South American jungle as they receive first-hand experiences with a majestic and ancient culture.

5. Jomolhari Laya Gasa, Bhutan 

20038437538_06a1a5f05d_zPicture: source

This 14-day, 217-kilometer journey takes a trekker through alpine meadows, sub-tropical jungles, and high mountain passes. It is a unique opportunity to observe unspoiled landscapes that are rarely touched with human hands. 

6. Annapurna Circuit 

5315035975_9a0bc04dc8_zPicture: source

This challenging circuit takes visitors through a varied route along the Annapurna mountain range of Central Nepal. The total route can be as long as 230 kilometers, but the experience also takes you to some of the tallest peaks in the world. 

7. Sapa, Vietnam

5744966826_0061f1e39e_zPicture: source

This lovely hill station town is near the Chinese border and is filled with quaint little galleries, restaurants, and exploration opportunities. With the Tonkinese Alps standing guard over the people, it is an incredible place where time seems to stand still. 

8. Silk Road

200160750_29df89ad90_oPicture: source

The Silk Road connected the West to the East, stretching from Korea to the Mediterranean Sea. This network of trade routes has been divided up into several unique trekking experiences that will allow each person to step in the footprints of their ancestors.

9. Shangri-La, China

15184005521_e9daab92e5_zPicture: source

“Eden in Dream.” Since Shangri-La was first brought to the general public’s attention in 1939 with Lost Horizon, it has attracted many who are looking for an idea landscape. Grasslands that are endless, steep gorges, and beautiful azure lakes are just a small part of what await the adventurous trekker.

10. Canadian Rockies

13937241855_91941ae9fa_zPicture: source

North America’s grandest mountain spectacle offers snow-covered peaks, skiing opportunities, and one of the most unique train rides in the world. Numerous peaks above 3,500m are available to climb, with most protected by national or provincial parks.

11. Southern Alps, New Zealand 

32600980032_b6573f2059_zPicture: source

Much of the South Island is covered by this mountain range, with its tallest peak listed at 3,724m. There are 16 other peaks that exceed 3,000m. Each mountain is cut through with glacial valleys and lakes, with ice year-round on some of the highest points.

12. Rinjani

5569131974_e312df1798_zPicture: source

Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano on the island of Lombok. Trekkers can climb to the top and enjoy Anak Laut, which has waters that are as blue as the sea. The lake in the caldera is believed to be about 200 meters deep, with it and the mountain considered to be sacred by many.

13. Mount Aconcagua 

7201692866_ee3e07ca4e_zPicture: source

Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside of Asia, rising to nearly 7,000m. There are a number of glaciers to explore on this peak, with multiple climbing routes that range from non-technical to advanced so that all trekkers can have a wonderful experience.

14. Mera Peak and Island Peak 

19984320361_34059fdce1_zPicture: source

Mera Peak is often referred to as the highest “trekking” peak in Nepal. It may be less technical than its counterpart, but an ascent is often bitterly cold and difficult. Island Peak is an excellent opportunity for those who are ready to test themselves to see if they are ready for new challenges.

15. Mount Kilimanjaro 

26498997526_8105eb5cd6_zPicture: source

Unique because of its 3 volcanic cones, this dormant volcano is the highest mountain in Africa. Five different ecosystems can be experienced on a single climb. You may not need special equipment to reach the summit, but it can still be a difficult, yet rewarding trek.

16. Mount Wudang

1417548822_b8287e7a4e_zPicture: source

A visit to the Wudang Mountains must including the complex of Taoist temples and monasteries that are present. The Purple Cloud monastery is particularly beautiful, while the Gate of Yuan Wu seems to call all adventurers to its doorway.

17. North Pole 

1749150121_b805c791b8_zPicture: source

Reaching the geographic North pole is a challenging experience. It lies in the middle of the Arctic Ocean in waters that are nearly always filled with shifting sea ice. The nearest land is Kaffeklubben Island, off of Greenland, about 700 kilometers away. The closest permanently inhabited place is Alert in Nunavut, Canada, which is 817 kilometers from the North Pole.

What adventure would you like to see planned out of these dream destinations? By joining The Adventure Village, you will become part of a community that works are to make sure trekking dreams like these can come true.


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