The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Northern Arizona by John Morey

BeautyMovesInWaves_JohnMorey_FullRezVermilion Cliffs National Monument and the rugged Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area within it are located in Arizona, immediately south of the Utah state line. Established in November of 2000, the Monument celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.  This remote, unspoiled 294,000-acre national treasure is most often and conveniently experienced by tourists driving the Arizona Strip along Highway 89a, following the 3,000-foot escarpment of the Vermilion Cliffs themselves.

The towering cliffs reveal 7 major formations in layered cake-like fashion. It is a geologic wealth in itself, yet they are just the beginning of the bounty they protect. [Read more…]

The Peaceful Simplicity of Life with John Morey


The first thing that stands out in the imagery by John Morey is its simplicity. They are the images that we might see every day as we go about the duties of life, yet John has lifted these images to new levels. “Claude Monet said it best,” he told Travelled Paths recently. “For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life – the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value.”

It is that life which Morey brings in a wide variety of landscapes. Whether it is the brilliant yellow of an Aspen tree that has succumbed to the coming Autumn or the brilliance of the night sky against a desert backdrop, his unique vision shows us the way life could be if we just would slow down a little bit every day.

Finding peace is the inspiration that Morey finds in every image. Sometimes that comes after spending 26 hours in bad weather. At other times, it comes from the luck that only a photographer seems to have once during a lifetime. Either way, the strength of peace and harmony clearly outweighs any other message that could be received with his amazing shot. [Read more…]

Keeping Close to the Heart of Mother Nature


With just one look at the images crafted by Terence Leezy, the evidence of love that goes into each one of them is immediately evident. With traces of humour here and there accompanied by a stark simplicity that is reminiscent of the early works of Ansel Adams, it is not hard to fall in love with the same landscapes and moments that are on display.

“It is often said that after the rain comes the sun,” Terence told TravelledPaths. He brings our attention to his image entitled Tetons on Fire. “The picture and I can’t agree more with that!”

Now take a closer look at the images of Terence and you’ll see something else: dedication. It takes a lot of hard work for a photographer to obtain many of the images that you can see in his full portfolio. From crawling down slippery cliffs for the perfect angle of a waterfall to waiting for the perfect moment to arrive on a wind-soaked Oregon beach, each image captured speaks to something personal. [Read more…]

Photographer Wins Gold with Beautiful Olympic Moments

The mind should be like a camera loaded with appreciation, ready to capture in full color and in perfect focus the essence of each beautiful moment. ~ Anonymous

It’s a quote that Washington-based photographer Shawn Geron, a Navy veteran, takes to heart. That’s because anyone can see each beautiful moment that Geron encounters with every image she takes, whether it is the sun rising over the bay on a beautiful Pacific Northwest day or in the essence of who someone is in one of her portraits.

“My focus is landscape and artistic photography,” Geron tells TravelledPaths. “It is my passion. I have for years been in love with photography, even before I started taking pictures.”

Geron’s passion takes her throughout the rugged Olympic Peninsula. Why focus on this part of Washington for her work? “It holds so much beauty and is a photographer’s dream,” Geron says, a twinkle coming to her eye.

What makes the Olympic Peninsula of Washington unique are the many different climate zones that are all within minutes of each other. Salt water beaches stretch from the Hood Canal to the Pacific Ocean. An extensive rain forest exists along the coast of the Peninsula, providing ample opportunities to get tropical pictures, but in a non-equatorial area. The Olympic Mountains stand tall above the Peninsula, providing alpine landscapes.

“I am lucky and blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States,” Geron says. “Maybe even the world.”

Sgeron6 [Read more…]

Prospecting the High Desert Southwest with James Blatter

The American Southwest is a culture that is fused with adventure, exploration, and tradition. Nestled in the high desert regions of Western Colorado is photographer James Blatter, an artist who looks at the riveting desert landscapes in a way that lets its natural beauty shine.

“The cliffs and plateaus of the west always offer the potential for drama,” says Blatter. “The remains of travelers are everywhere across the high desert. It is a harsh land with difficulties for all who pass… and sometimes the only thing left behind is bleached by the sun.”

Born and raised in the Southwest, he has always called the area home. For Blatter, it is the special moments of nature’s life that he works hard and waits so patiently to capture. Whether it is an impending storm over the arroyos that stand so prominently against the landscape or a unique perspective of a monocline, the passion that Blatter has for the American Southwest is evident in each image that he takes.

JBlatter9 [Read more…]

Unleash Yourself in the Amazing Pacific North West with TJ Thorne!

The world of the Pacific Northwest in the United States might have a reputation for being dark and gloomy, but not through the eyes of photographer TJ Thorne. Born in Pennsylvania, Thorne credits his childhood as one of the reasons why his photography incorporates so much brightness and motion. “I spent the majority of my free time outside. There’s nothing in my life that has brought me to my true center in the way that nature has.”

 “It’s meditation. It’s balance.”

With a passion to explore the outdoors, the images that TJ shares are deeply personal, introspective, and touch the soul. Taking advantage of the natural movement of nature itself, for TJ, it is a glimpse of the cycle of life. “Nothing gets me out of my funk faster than walking directly up a hidden, moss covered creek,” TJ says. “Standing waist deep in rushing water simplifies existence.”

The essence of the efforts that TJ takes to capture his images is portrayed through his unique vantage points. “Each of these images are moments in time where I was breathing, feeling… living,” says TJ. “At the end of the day… this is my thing. I NEED this.”

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