Hike Singapore series – Mount Faber Loops

It has been a long while since I last joined a training session doing local hikes. It was not unexpected to see surprised faces and receiving comments like “I bet you have more stamps on your passport than your footprints on local trails, Simon”.

For the record, I do my workout at the MacRitchie Tree Top walk at least once a week, ok?

In preparation for next April’s Trek For Hope: The Himalayan Panoramas, me and a few of the participants joined FitnessKakis last weekend at Mount Faber, Singapore’s 2nd tallest hill standing at 105 metres. Don’t laugh! We also have void deck weddings and funerals, so for the foreigners who may be reading this, we aren’t envious of your tall mountains! [Read more…]

Psst… Hey You all SG Hikers! Come Join Us at The Adventure Village!


As part of the efforts behind Trek For Hope, a private Facebook community called Trek For Hope Village was created in 2015 to provide interested people with updates about charitable work, activities, and it served as a place where those who participated in events could connect and share photos or start discussions. It is a wonderful community and we’d like to invite you to come join us as we take our next step on this journey.

In the past, this Facebook community has been more like a bulletin board instead of an actual online place for us to gather. Our goal is to evolve it into a fun and safe place where we can share our experiences, our thoughts, and our emotions with each other – and much, much more. [Read more…]

Hike Singapore Series – Microadventures at Pulau Ubin


I was recently introduced to a new concept called “Microadventure.” The idea is to make adventures accessible to everyone because they are shorter in length, are more affordable, yet will still provide 110% fun.  As blogger Sarah Wilson aptly describes, “It’s simple. When they’re simple, they happen. You don’t procrastinate.”

It’s the simple idea of a weekend getaway without leaving the country that resonates with so many people here and around the world that I couldn’t help but try out the concept for myself. The available slots for this event, organized by meetup group Singapore Adventurous Nature Lovers, was filled within days. Out of the 18 participants who signed up, 16 of them were ladies.

I couldn’t help but wonder with a smile: maybe the guys had enough of outdoor camping when serving their national service… or maybe the ladies were just a little more adventurous. [Read more…]

Best Travel and Outdoor Meetup Groups in Singapore

Sometimes it’s difficult to find new friends or meet people who are interested in the same things as you. The difficulty is often amplified while traveling or after recently moving to a new place.  When I first got started in hiking, I thought I was one of those rare individuals that would pay for an air ticket, fly and hike up a mountain in a foreign land. I realized I was not alone after discovering Meetup.com.

Meet-ups are a fantastic way for you to increase your social life and find people with the same interests. These meet-ups are organized get-togethers based around certain events or specific activities. Singapore is the perfect example of a place with multiple meet-ups for those looking to socialize. There are many exciting groups to join, people to meet and activities to enjoy. You don’t have a pay a single cent to become a member. Here, TravelledPaths gives you the lowdown on the top SG Meetup groups you must check out if you enjoy travelling and the outdoors…… [Read more…]

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension – Finding Solace in a Busy World

WP_20150205_10_00_57_Pro__highresI once heard a story of a town whose inhabitants did not know each other. They didn’t even care to know one another. Each of them was too busy working hard to chase after their own successes. Kids did not play with neighbours kids. People don’t greet one another at the local supermarkets. Weekends were mostly spent shut behind closed doors.

The local church? It was already left empty since its last pastor passed away in 1984. The old brown Christmas photos of that year still hanging on the walls were the last reminder of once a loving, tightly knitted community. [Read more…]

SG50 – Explore Singapore in the year of Jubilee

1921182_10152025172435975_593920814_oI used to trek a lot during my growing up years. We didn’t have a vehicle back then, so other than my school bus which I used to travel back and forth from school, all the rest of my childhood explorations were done on foot.

And how I was allured to the world around me then! I will always remember traipsing after school from River Valley to Queenstown, walking passing by the old F&N Factory and the lion landmark at the old Thye Hong Biscuit Factory . I remember marveling at the modernity of the Princess House where my mom used to tell me this where the “choy fu” (government officials) work and told me to study hard so that I can be just like them when I grow up. [Read more…]

The Mystery of the Lost Brook, Singapore


21 September 2014

While everyone in town is talking about the lost reservoir lately discovered at Keppel Hill, I went on a recce with Singapore Adventurous Nature-Lovers this afternoon to discover the mystery of the lost brook, where we trekked ankle deep in water over 1km and immersed ourselves in the natural untouched beauty of the place near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [Read more…]

Pulau Hantu Besar: From Dusk to Dawn


9 August 2014

The smell of the burning incense was in the air as I stepped out of the lift at 3am.

As I drove, making my way to Keppel Pier, I could see some people still awake, setting up tentages for the next day’s 15th day Lunar month celebration of the Hungry Ghost festival.

I guess it is my mind playing wtih me as I am preparing an island visit to Pulau Hantu this early morning. Pulau Hantu literally means “Ghost Island” and it was rumoured to have Malay warriors once dueling to the death here and their ghosts are said to wander the island. At 3am, my imagination was running wild! I could feel a cold shudder trying to shake itself loose from my body. This was definitely going to be an interesting journey! [Read more…]

Adventures at Pulau Subar Laut – Singapore Sisters’ Islands Marine Park

20140728-timelapse25-047827 July 2014

I have never missed a flight.

I never had a problem with getting up to watch a sunrise, but on this day, everything that can go wrong did go wrong. The 2 alarms set did not go of due to a flat battery on my cell phone. That meant I could not manage to get access to my GPS map to Marina South Pier, which was where a bunch of panicky volunteers and Ria (Wildshores) were waiting for me.

By a stroke of luck, I remembered once stumbling along the place when I was previously in search of the Satay By the Bay (another God forsaken place) and I was in the right direction! The boat was already waiting and I hopped into a boat of relieved faces.

It would be a shame if I were to miss this trip to the Sisters’ Islands. It has recently received a lot of excitement from marine life lovers, nature conservationists and general public alike because of its new found status as Singapore’s first Marine Park. [Read more…]

Kayaking through Sungei Khatib Bongsu, Singapore (video)

This event was a highly anticipated one because of the amazing sights we saw when we were “Kayaking Through the Mandai Mangroves” in December 2013. Unfortunately due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make this trip personally. Thanks to Stephen (Travelled Paths crew) and Leong Kwok Peng of Nature Society Singapore (NSS), we were able to put together this video to provide viewers a visual experience of this 25 July 2014 trip. Below is a writeup and introduction to the Sungei Khatib Bongsu provided by NSS. [Read more…]