The Roof of Indochina – Fansipan, Vietnam

1By Lily Ho

“Happy Birthday to you, Lily!” says a message that pops onto my cell phone screen while jogging in Putrajaya on a beautiful Saturday morning. Not sure who it was, I pressed the button to check it out. To my surprise, the name that appeared on the phone was- KHOO SWEE CHIOW. For those who don’t know, Swee Chiow is a well-known adventurer, author and motivational speaker whom can be read about from many Google searches. He is the first South East Asian person and the fourth person in the world to complete The Explorers Grand Slam, which is a trek that reaches the South Pole, the North Pole and the Seven Summits. I was stunned for a few minutes and thought about how to respond to this great man. [Read more…]

Amazing Hikes You Must Do Before You Die: Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

son-doong-cave-nature_130768Son Doong Cave is not your average adventure underground. The largest known cave in the world offers a number of unique environments to explore. From the central forests to the underground river that gives the cave it’s name, it was discovered locally in 1991. It wasn’t until 2009 that foreign tourists began to trek through the cave to experience its many marvels. This leaves Son Doong Cave relatively untouched when compared to well-developed cave hiking experiences in other areas around the world. [Read more…]