Beauty On The Mountain


This story, originally written in Chinese, has gone viral recently – judging from the many fb sharings. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first because of the lousy cover art used (Click on this link and you shall see what I meant).  Again, an excellent article that lacks an english translation. I made an adaptation and called it “Beauty On the Mountain”  [Read more…]

A Moment of Reflection


Have you ever noticed how perfect a reflection tends to be in a captured image? The reflections that we see in the water’s surface, a pane of glass, or just in the mirror looking back at ourselves give us an idealized version of what life should be. It gives us confidence because we see the very best in ourselves and the world as a whole.

The thought about reflections brings about a question: is our reflection a genuine example of who we are? Or is our reflection simply something we put on for the rest of the world to see? [Read more…]

Life Lessons From Curved Rivers

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I recently came across a beautiful article written in a chinese website recently about curved rivers. There was no english version of it. So I decided to come up with an adaptation of the original article and called it “Life Lessons From Curved Rivers”. You can read the original chinese article here

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Why should a river be straight when it could be curved? As rivers cut through the countryside, they weave intricate patterns that can literally take your breath away! This creates amazing vistas, new trails to explore, and adventures that are unlike any other.

It also gives us the opportunity to learn some important lessons about life itself. [Read more…]

To Train Up a Child


One of the most profound pieces of news came my way this week and I feel like I must provide my opinion on it. Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC Mr Ang Wei Neng said in Parliament that field trips abroad would help the youth in the country better appreciate the success Singapore has experienced. The feeling is that today’s youth have a sense of entitlement and don’t truly value the concept of a life that includes helping others. (link here)

“Instead of city lights, the students would enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars,” he said. “Instead of air-conditioning, students would enjoy the fresh morning dew. Instead of morning traffic noise, the students would enjoy the sound of singing birds. After going through the relatively tough field trip, the students will hopefully appreciate the infrastructure in Singapore better.” [Read more…]

What Spiderman and Friends Taught Me About Nature and Hiking


Since the first Marvel comic book was published in October 1939, a comic which featured several superhero characters, most notably the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner, children and adults all around the world have been enchanted by the tales of superhuman strength and the willpower these characters possessed.

Toys, video games, and other merchandise featuring Marvel’s most popular characters have been hugely popular and this popularity has only increased since Marvel started their own studios to produce one of the most successful series of movies in history! Many may go to these movies and be inspired to chase their dreams or defeat evil. After the cast of The Amazing Spider-man 2 came to Singapore and lend their support for Earth Hour 2014, I realize that we can also draw inspiration from these superheroes with regards to hiking and nature.

Here are a compilation of 5 unforgettable superhero quotes that continue to inspire me. Enjoy the quotes and my hope is that you can draw inspiration from these superheroes as much as I have. [Read more…]

That Old Familiar Face On The Bus To Baguio, Philippines


I briefly caught up with Simeon when I went to the Philippines last year. We met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when I touched down and we exchanged some pleasantries before I left to meet my guide for some other adventures. We didn’t meet up for the rest of that trip.

This year when I decided to do the same itinerary with my group of 42 people as part of the Trek For Hope team. On a whim, I decided to invite Simeon to travel with me. He gladly accepted.

“Blue Moon was the first song I heard when I first stepped foot into the Philippines more than 20 years ago,” Simeon volunteered as I was grappling with directions to meet my local contact. “It was my first overseas trip and this song was played over the radio as we drove through the highway to Quezon City.”

He smiled. It was the fond smile of a good memory. “I even saw the biggest statue of Mary along the way overlooking the highway.” Then he chuckled. “All first impressions somehow always stick in your mind, don’t they?” [Read more…]

The Gift to Just Live


As was family tradition, a son got ready to leave home.
There was a great big world just waiting for him to roam.
He packed his bags and he grabbed his hat.
You can’t leave home without all of that!

But then the son came up to his pops.
His purpose wasn’t to bust his dad’s chops.
He wanted to claim what was rightfully his.
That way he could explore the world as it is. [Read more…]

I climbed a mountain called Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia)


I saw the peak in my dreams
it scratched the edge of the sky
with its long granite fingernail
and popping the clouds
it rained down on the plump pitcher plants
their mouths open for insects
rained down on the screeching hornbills
while mountain squirrels move stealthily
through the aged rocks
and I continued to dream [Read more…]

Have You Ever Climbed a Mountain?


Have you ever wanted to achieve a dream?
Was your dream further away than it seemed?
Did you want to give up? Not press your luck?
Did it feel like your feet were firmly stuck?

Or did you find a mountain to climb?
One so tall that to climb it would take tons of time.
Have you tried to climb a mountain to reach a dream?
After climbing partway, did you run out of steam? [Read more…]