Amazing Hikes You Must Do Before You Die: The Camino De Santiago

5808557765_05974c9b36_bAlso known as the Way of St James, the Camino De Santiago is one of the world’s classic walking trails. It is first and foremost a pilgrimage route and is steeped in history and tradition. During medieval times, the Camino was a major route for pilgrims along with Jerusalem and Rome. Many people walk the route for spiritual reasons, even today. [Read more…]

Pictorial Journey by Albert Dros: Home Sweet Home

17168480855_11124eb7d6_b“My photography journey started not too long ago when I was living in Hong Kong. I lived there in 2012-2013 and photography became a big passion of mine during my stay. The people, the city, the surroundings, nature… just everything was so lively and different.”

When viewing the images of Albert Dros, it is clear to see that home is where the heart is. He shows us that “home” can be as simple as a 1 hour trip on a bus, or a quiet moment sitting in a boat as it gently rocks back and forth in the harbour. Home is a beautiful, quiet place where we can be ourselves, even if the busy nature of modern life buzzes on around us. [Read more…]

Pictorial Journey: Where in the World is Luka Esenko?

Luka Esenko can’t really say when it was that he decided to become a photographer. There wasn’t any special moment that happened. It just was a process where a hobby transformed into a career. That career has taken Esenko now to over 50 different countries.

“I’ll think nothing of a 5-hour walk in freezing temperatures to reach the summit in time to capture the first light on some of the most impressive peaks in the Julian Alps,” he told Travelled Paths in a recent interview. “I might even make it back down to the Adriatic coast for a seascape at sunset if I’m lucky!”

It isn’t luck that dominates Esenko’s stunning images, however, because each image is carefully constructed to reflect a specific message. Many have noticed this fact about his work, so much so that Esenko has started his own tours and workshops to help instruct others in his unique techniques.

You can often catch his work in National Geographic, the Slovene Tourist Board, and other publications. Winter might be his favorite season to capture images, but as you can see below, Esenko has an eye for beauty that happens in any season.

In his words:

burmaInle Lake, Myanmar. This shot was taken during a photo tour and was one of the few spontaneous moments when a fisherman was relaxing and fired a cigarette. [Read more…]

A Journey Through Iceland To Get an Iconic Photograph


Nick Pandev had one ultimate purpose on his trip to Iceland: to photograph the Aurora Borealis. The initial plan was to take an all-inclusive vacation, but as Pandev and his wife talked with those who had made similar attempts and failed, they realised that they needed to change their plans. They decided to expand their holiday, explore all of what Iceland had to offer, and the longer they stay – the bigger the  chances of spotting and capturing this natural phenomenon. [Read more…]