Traveling to the Extreme

This video fits three years of travel into just three minutes! If you think that is extreme, wait until you watch this action packed film. Follow a group of young men around the world as they take on every extreme sport and experience you can imagine. Zip lining through massive mountains, sky-diving, bungee jumping, snake wrangling and ostrich riding – they do it all. Watch as the group take on enough action to cross every topic off the bucket list in only three years time. Throughout it all, you will hear inspiring little antidotes from the filmmaker on positive thinking and making your dreams come true.


A Family Affair in Thailand

This video shows a family vacation taken to whole new heights. A couple and their young son head to Thailand to explore the beaches, the cities and the wildlife. Follow them along on their beautiful adventure through a beautiful place. They relax on beaches, feed elephants and monkeys, trek to waterfalls and get into some extreme water sports. A family in Thailand? You may ask yourself what’s so special about that?  Well this video goes to show that travel and adventure don’t have to stop just because you are married and have children. This creatively produced film will leave you feeling inspired and optimistic about your family’s ability to travel and explore together.