Discovering Gunung Lambak – Within Kluang’s Gem


One of Johor’s hidden gems is Gunung Lambak. This small mountain lies in a beautiful recreational park and is perfect for hiking. Gunung Lambak should be on your priority list if you are looking for a place in Johor to work out your lower body muscles and build endurance.

Gunung Lambak is a great workout
There are different ways of experiencing Gunung Lambak. At the start, the paths are paved, and many people use them for a gentle stroll and workout. Further along the trail heads upwards into the jungle paths and it is here that the terrain gets hotter and steamier. Along the trails are small waterfalls and creeks. Typically a rainforest trek, you’ll see beautiful plants as you walk. At the summit, there are good views on a clear day, and it is possible to walk across to the other contour and return on a different marked trail. A walk to the summit and back on the same route takes around 2-3 hours.

Though it’s only 510m (1670ft) in height, there are four prominent features on Gunung Lambak that will make the fittest hikers work out a bucket of sweat if they were to attempt all four features all in one session. They are the trails leading to the Telecom Tower, Big Tree, Summit and False Summit. Hikers can start from the rear of the hill (leading to the telecom towers) or start from the Gunung Lambak Water Park situated at the foot of the mountain. [Read more…]

Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands – Entering the Forest


WP_20150425_11_36_07_ProEntering the forest, Sadie is at home. The looming trees bend, providing bedrooms, living quarters and a studio for her best work. The mossy rocks, her throne. The forest floor, a place to rest her head. The sturdy wood of the trees is her father and the comforting beams of light shining through the treetops, her mother. Sadie is consumed by nature, befriending the birds and the insects as they visit her throughout the day. She never feels alone, because she never really is. She chases frogs through the misty mornings and follows them, as they hop under dewy leaves. She stands upon the mountains, overlooking the valleys and screams just to hear her own voice in the vastness of the earth. Sadie wanders through forested trails, bathes with the fishes in the crystal rivers and lies her head on the spongy moss covered ground to slumber under the stars at night. [Read more…]

Hiking Gunung Pulai – The Anatomy of a Mountain

WP_20150304_10_49_54_ProThough small in stature, Kak Ita packs an authoritative figure as she tosses and spins her dough. The sizzle of the oiled pan as it grills the dough is offering amazing temptations to the senses. She’ll carefully watch her dough until it becomes the thin, crispy, and lightly charred Roti Canai that greets every hungry hiker in her small, rustic hut in Kampong Sri Gunung Pulai.

Packing an equally mean punch is her homemade savoury chilli paste that is both sweet and spicy. It’s a “must have” companion to go with the roti canai or the nasi lemak in Kak Ita’s Anggun café, which is open Monday thru Saturday from 6am to 12pm. [Read more…]