Pictorial Journey – Iran by Adel Karimi

Stunning Night Photography Provides Rare Glimpse of the World


“I started capturing the beauty of the night sky in 2012,” said Adel Karimi. “I really love to explore new places and take night shots.” The simplistic way that Adel describes his work is far removed from the actual complexity of what his final photographic results happen to be. Focusing on the night sky through time-lapses, exposure lengths, and with a unique perspective, many of Karimi’s photographs are reminiscent of the Pointillism movement in art more than photography itself. [Read more…]

8 Mountains of the Bible You Should Know

sermononmtJesus’ ministry often occurred near seas and water.  There are many accounts of him teaching on boats.  But many of the pivotal sermons occurred on mountain tops.  In the Old Testament, we find that worship occurred in the temple, but that many significant moments happened on mountain tops.  In those days, God was in Heaven and mountains were a way to get close to the heavens.  Between the breathtaking views and the important revelations, mountains became symbols of being close to God.  Even those who are non religious find themselves in awe of the experiences on the tops of modern mountains.  Mountains became a place to experience God, and they still are.

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1. Mount Ararat
Mt. Ararat is the mountain mentioned in Genesis 8.  It is the mountain where Noah’s ark landed and Noah saw the rainbow of God’s promise.  Noah and his family came out of the ark and made offerings and praised God.  God promised never to destroy the earth with a flood of that magnitude again. [Read more…]