New Zealand through the lens of a Wanderlust – Chuck Whitmore

The first thoughts that come to mind when seeing the work of Chuck Whitmore involve perfection. Whether he is documenting a journey through New Zealand or exploring the intricacies of the human form, Whitmore has a true talent for picking out the perfection of a moment. His images speak of the nostalgia, grace, and wonder that help us all define ourselves as we journey through each day.

Many will look at the work of a photographer and think “I could do that.” Some do have the talent. What makes Whitmore’s work stand above the rest is how he builds relationships with each image. Instead of saying “I could do that,” you think, “I could see myself there.” He catches the moments that we stand and treasure when we encounter them, bringing back memories of past encounters we have all had with nature and life – camera in hand or not.
One thing is for certain. Each image brings out a wanderlust that may have been buried and hidden for some time. Take a moment, explore these images, and be inspired.”

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