How Travelling Helps in Letting Go of your Painful Experiences

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By Lily Ho, Malaysia

At one point or another, we have been hurt to a point of almost destruction. We have experienced pain beyond words, grief beyond consolation and innumerable heartbreaks. Among these, and all the problems that life throws us, we manage to survive. Before I continue, I would like to congratulate you for making through life, scathed yes, but definitely stronger.

I am writing a special piece that I hold dearly: how travelling helps you to let go of all your painful experiences. It is quite special because I can personally relate to this in a spiritual level. For someone who has experienced a lot of failures and pain, I have tried numerous methods and measures to heal and move on with my life. Shopping therapy, clubbing, jumping from one relationship to another, name it, I tried it. To my surprise nothing worked. I was still the same broken person before I tried to divert my attention to these earthly matters.  [Read more…]

I Climbed My First Mountain, and It Changed My Life Forever

By Gemma Wang

I have always been the type of person who loves challenges. I love to push my limit and see how far I can get, expand my comfort zone and generally, just continue becoming a better individual at any chance I can get. So naturally, when the opportunity came that offered me to climb my first mountain in 2015, I took the chance and said yes. It was one of the most amazing and memorable “yes” I made.

I wasn’t prepared for it. I was not specifically training to navigate rigorous and steep terrain, and who knows whatever challenges there are in climbing a mountain. So when dawn came that we had to start the climb, I was mentally telling myself “You can do this!” [Read more…]

Dare to Expect Victory


In times of need.
In moments of quiet.
Failure plants a seed.
To become a quiet riot.
Where we dare not question it.
Yet we can dare to expect victory.
When we change where we look to see.
To what the future may come to be.
Instead of past failures in history.

Breaking bread.
Giving thanks.
Stops a feeling of dread.
Stops all from breaking ranks.
Together we are faster.
Together we strive longer.
Three cords are always stronger.
Writer, teacher, hiker, pastor.
Together we find the greenest pasture.

There will be times of worry.
Moments can be hard.
Especially when we are in a hurry.
Or if we are always on guard.
Yet victory can always be the plan.
When we work as hard as we can.
Anxiety set aside by every man.
Our combined faith is the caravan.
Coming whether we walked or we ran.

Sometimes a moment of silence.
Or perhaps a moment of prayer.
Stops the internal violence.
To bring a victory beyond compare.
It is often ourselves that we fight.
Each and every dark night.
And feel like we’ll never be all right.
Yet when there is even the tiniest light.
We can dare to achieve victory with all of our might.

Every footstep that we take.
Every decision ever made.
Every sunset journey we make
Are moments to never trade.
Victory is found in moments like those.
No matter what our clothes.
Or how a climb to the summit goes.
In the past, victory always arose.
Even when many would choose to oppose.

So even when times seem dark.
When there is no hope to see.
Together we can always make our mark.
Because we’ve dared to achieve victory.
It maybe be a summit or a valley.
A difficult path where we must rally.
The darkest ever life alley.
We can always make a positive tally.
Because victory will always be our finale.


Ode to the Women You Meet on the Trail

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Ode to the Women You Meet on the Trail

Your backpack was heavy, but you carried it so.
The trail has been calling, so off you must go.
The tropical heat may try to make your ambition take a seat.
Yet you take one step ever forward, a mountain’s summit to greet.

The sweat streams down your face, but still you smile.
A day on the trail makes it all worthwhile.
All the stress, the responsibilities, the cares of this world.
Everything disappears because on the trail, you’re not “just a girl.”

You’re a conqueror. A warrior. A spirit striving for adventure.
A poet. A photographer. An artist never censured.
The trail is a venture that touches your soul like none other.
Every day is a new day, a new chance to discover.

Discover who you are and who you are meant to be.
Discover what Mother Nature thinks of impossibility.
Discover that there is perfection in every moment on the trail.
Discover that success can be found, even when you fail.

Here’s to you and what you do and who you are each day.
Here’s to a new trail that leads you in a new and exciting way.
Keep exploring, keep hiking, keep finding something new.
In doing so, the world will always want to be a little more like you.

Happy International Women’s Day!