The Family Is All In At Grandma’s Thai Recipes – Cooking School in Chiang Mai


A transformation moment came to this blog when someone from my hike once asked me about the Filipino cuisine. She knows that I have been to hiking in many places in the Philippines.

“So what’s the distinctive taste about Filipino food?”

I tried my best to recall the type of food I had during my travels, and I realized that almost all the time, after a hike, I will be so deadbeat in my hotel room that I couldn’t remember what I’d eaten. The choice of food would be mostly limited to hotel room service at best or Jollibee, which is the Philippines’ fast food answer to McDonalds.

I couldn’t answer my hiker friend’s question and that conversation bothered me for quite a while. [Read more…]

The First Time Cook at Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School


Let me let you on a secret: I am never allowed inside my home’s kitchen ALONE for more than 10 minutes. With an intuitive time clock built into her system, the missus of the family will come check on me to see if I have something up my sleeves when the time is up.

I have never burnt down a kitchen before. It’s just that I never had the habit of cleaning up the kitchen after a meal. One cook, the other cleans up? The universal law of the home kitchen, no?  In the missus’ book, you cook, you clean up.

So in my recent trip to Chiang Mai, I found myself with some time on my hands and decided it was time to jump in head first to an idea I’d been thinking about: Including culinary journeys on my blog. Hence I did a search for a cooking school that in the vicinity and decided to check out Asia Scenic Cooking School, located only a few minutes walk from Tha Pae Gate in the old city of Chiang Mai. [Read more…]