Pulau Hantu Besar: From Dusk to Dawn


9 August 2014

The smell of the burning incense was in the air as I stepped out of the lift at 3am.

As I drove, making my way to Keppel Pier, I could see some people still awake, setting up tentages for the next day’s 15th day Lunar month celebration of the Hungry Ghost festival.

I guess it is my mind playing wtih me as I am preparing an island visit to Pulau Hantu this early morning. Pulau Hantu literally means “Ghost Island” and it was rumoured to have Malay warriors once dueling to the death here and their ghosts are said to wander the island. At 3am, my imagination was running wild! I could feel a cold shudder trying to shake itself loose from my body. This was definitely going to be an interesting journey! [Read more…]

Adventures at Pulau Subar Laut – Singapore Sisters’ Islands Marine Park

20140728-timelapse25-047827 July 2014

I have never missed a flight.

I never had a problem with getting up to watch a sunrise, but on this day, everything that can go wrong did go wrong. The 2 alarms set did not go of due to a flat battery on my cell phone. That meant I could not manage to get access to my GPS map to Marina South Pier, which was where a bunch of panicky volunteers and Ria (Wildshores) were waiting for me.

By a stroke of luck, I remembered once stumbling along the place when I was previously in search of the Satay By the Bay (another God forsaken place) and I was in the right direction! The boat was already waiting and I hopped into a boat of relieved faces.

It would be a shame if I were to miss this trip to the Sisters’ Islands. It has recently received a lot of excitement from marine life lovers, nature conservationists and general public alike because of its new found status as Singapore’s first Marine Park. [Read more…]

Kayaking through Sungei Khatib Bongsu, Singapore (video)

This event was a highly anticipated one because of the amazing sights we saw when we were “Kayaking Through the Mandai Mangroves” in December 2013. Unfortunately due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make this trip personally. Thanks to Stephen (Travelled Paths crew) and Leong Kwok Peng of Nature Society Singapore (NSS), we were able to put together this video to provide viewers a visual experience of this 25 July 2014 trip. Below is a writeup and introduction to the Sungei Khatib Bongsu provided by NSS. [Read more…]

Wildshores of Singapore: Pulau Jong (Video)

Pulau Jong or Junk Island is a 6,000 m² conical island about 6 kilometres off the southern coast of Singapore. The small island lies north of Pulau Sebarok and the former Pulau Sakeng (now merged with Pulau Semakau). The island is uninhabited.

According to a local legend behind the island’s name, a Chinese junk was attacked by Malay pirates one night where the island now is. Just as the pirates were about to board the junk, the captain (the Nakhodah) awoke. When the captain saw the pirates, he uttered such a frightful yell that the sea spirit turned the whole junk into an island. – wiki [Read more…]

Beautiful Flowering Singapore

Thanks to a recent series of rain showers, the dry spells that have defined Singapore as of late have at least been temporarily vanquished. The trees have responded to this unexpected bounty of moisture with an incredible, stunning display around the city. Blooms are bursting out in pinks, whites, and other lovely hues that have given a splash of color to this city that is both rare and memorable.

One of the best examples of flowering Singapore is the Trumpet Tree. It grows up to 25m tall. and has a large, broadly conical and shady crown. It’s called the “Trumpet Tree” because of the shape of the flowers, which can range in colour from white to pink depending on the variety of the tree. When the flowers fall from the tree, they retain their colours for at least a couple days, giving the area a blanket of beauty that is beyond compare!

It’s not just the Trumpet Tree that is showing its colours, however, as others wish to get in on the mix thanks to the spurt of moisture. You’ll also see the Australian Flame Tree and the Cat’s Claw Ivy bursting out in yellows and reds as well, each of them incredible in their own unique way.

Travelled Paths took a journey north to Sembawang Park to catch this phenomenal sight on video before it disappeared for good. Please feel free to take a look at our brief, 2 minute video that captured the sight.

Give Bukit Brown a Chance – Singapore Heritage and Historical site

An update on the video of Singapore’s Bukit Brown cemetery – current footage (as at 2 Jan 2014) pieced together with the original video we took in October 2013.