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Simon is an event organiser with Adventures Unlimited. He is also the founder of Trek For Hope (Adventures with a Difference). Together with other event organisers, we welcome you to join us and meet up with other adventurous living, earth caring  and hope bearing people!

Adventures Unlimited and Trek For Hope are made up of like-minded people who comes together in search of adventures and making new friends. Come join us at our hiking community: The Adventure Village!

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Discovering Happyland in Philippines – The Painful Irony by Lydiascapes
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Read what participants say about our events 

Sng Siang Koon (Trek For Hope: Philippines 2014)
“enriched my mind, opened my eyes and touched my heart”

Noah Chan (Trek For Hope: Philippines 2014)
“It’s the best trip I had so far! not the most comfortable, but the most wonderful!”

Mala Krishnan (Malaysia Unlimited: Sungai Lembing)
“Great weekend … 2 rainbows, 2 awesome treks, new experience of 4WD, nice company, great room mates, fantastic company in the coach … It’s perfect … Thank you everyone …”

Jason Kwok (Malaysia Unlimited: Sungai Lembing)
“Thank you Simon for organizing the event taking us to view the spectacular scenery, both the Panorama Hill and Rainbow waterfall, also the 4WD through the forest, we really have enjoyed ourselves very much. It’s AWESOME !!!”

Alexandra Douglas (Trek For Hope: Cambodia 2014)
“Thank you, Simon, it was one of the best trips for me: for the company, scenery and meaningfulness! Just perfect balance!”

Lee Soo Khoon (Trek For Hope: Cambodia 2014)
“It’s has been a very fulfilling trip for the mind, body and soul. Thanks everyone for making this expedition special. Thank you!”

Chui Feng (Trek For Hope: Cambodia 2014)
“A memorable trekking trip with awesome buddies. Also glad to be part in lending a helping hand to a small communities group. Thank You. Simon”

Wee Liang Boon (Trek For Hope: Cambodia 2014)
“This is a truly memorable trip. Thanks Simon for organizing and HP for leading the morning warmup. I have learned alot from this trip and warmed by the friendship you have extended to me. Cheers”

Bew (The Great Wall of China hike 2014)
“Thank you Simon for organizing this adventurous hike. It is probably once in a life time event. It was a good hike with awesome and scenic views of the great wall of China. Experienced rain, overcast and sunny weather. We had it all. Thank you team mates that had made this trip enjoyable and fun. The laughter and jokes added spice to this trip :)”

Keyone (Malaysia Unlimited: Pine Tree Trail 2015)
“TS and Simon ,Thanks for organizing the trip, “Lo hei” is kind of creative and special .”

Sandy (Trek For Hope: Cordillera Mountain Adventures 2015)
“As we Trek for Hope, we see the wonders of nature: the beautiful sunrise, the mountain ridges and most beautiful color shades of blue, green and brown. It’s truly a miracle. We also see the other extreme living conditions which I can never imagine. Truly resilient people and for them life still goes on. I can only wish them all the best. This is a trip that made me feel grateful, Thanks Trek for Hope, Thanks Simon, Thank you peeps, our small light brought some smiles on 22nd March, we did our best!”

Noah Chan (Trek For Hope: Cordillera Mountain Adventures 2015)
“My 3rd visit to the smokey mountains was a humbling experience. Thought I had “seen it all”, yet I know little. Through this trip, I’ve learnt that I can choose to be happy in the face of any difficulties I face.”

Wai (Malaysia Unlimited: Gunung Ulu Sepat 2015)
“Gunug Ulu Sepat puts Mount Kinabalu into easy level. It has been an eventful trip and G7 is definitely something that all hikers should try. Thanks to everyone for being part of my memory.”

Alice (Malaysia Unlimited: Gunung Ulu Sepat 2015) 
“Once again, thanks us who joined us. It marked the first G7 for many of us!!! Glad to hv done it with a whole awesome team!”