How Travelling Helps in Letting Go of your Painful Experiences

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By Lily Ho, Malaysia

At one point or another, we have been hurt to a point of almost destruction. We have experienced pain beyond words, grief beyond consolation and innumerable heartbreaks. Among these, and all the problems that life throws us, we manage to survive. Before I continue, I would like to congratulate you for making through life, scathed yes, but definitely stronger.

I am writing a special piece that I hold dearly: how travelling helps you to let go of all your painful experiences. It is quite special because I can personally relate to this in a spiritual level. For someone who has experienced a lot of failures and pain, I have tried numerous methods and measures to heal and move on with my life. Shopping therapy, clubbing, jumping from one relationship to another, name it, I tried it. To my surprise nothing worked. I was still the same broken person before I tried to divert my attention to these earthly matters. 

It all changed when I started to travel. I can never describe in words how my first out of the country trip was. To say it was exhilarating and liberating is an understatement, for it was more than that. Simply put, it placed me in the proper perspective. You see I realised that the pain I experienced, the problems I am having and the future I am expecting are way off. The pain I suffered through is nothing compared to the suffering of those people I met.

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I complained about being emotionally battered, while they experienced complete abandonment since or even before birth.

I am complaining about university workload, while they are facing starvation and poverty at their own countries.

I am agitated about the unclear future, while they don’t even have food to eat and place to sleep at night.

Travelling made me realise that we all have our pains, we all have our heartbreaks. It is simply part of our reality. It is inevitable. It also made me realise that the pain I had before was given to me for a reason – because I am strong enough to make it through. With travelling, exploring new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things and going on an adventure, it made me step outside of my overprotected bubble and saw the world as it is – vast, deep and a mysterious. With going outside and getting my eyes opened, I realised that we are all but a small speck of dust in this universe.

I learned to let go of all the pain that I harboured and the bitterness I held inside me. I learned to accept that bad things happen to people, may they be good or bad or plain evil. It is what it is. Travelling taught me acceptance and I am happy that it did.

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I am now living life with lighter baggage, only carrying with me the lessons of those experiences and letting go of the pain and bitterness. With a fresher and more positive outlook, I am ready and excited to what life brings to my direction.

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