The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 3)

The sun sets at Lauribinayek, bringing the day to a close.

The next morning, despite the smoke-filled cabin where some felt sick, the team was ready and at full strength. All 19 of us were up before our alarms, excited for the beginning of the day. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 2)


The moon shone brightly down. It was so bright, in fact, that it kept us up on Day 1 at Thuro Sybesi. A good excuse for peanuts and Everest beer. It continued to shine down like this on Day 2 at Thulo Syabru.

And its light reminded me of my first visit to Nepal with the Annapurna Base Camp trek. The night spent under the starlit skies at Jhinu Danda, dancing to Jazz, enjoying beer and raski. It’s a beautiful memory.

Every trip is meant to be unique in its own way. Each offers a different experience, but one that still relates to our past. This is what drives us forward in hope toward future days. We keep exploring for more moments like these. The heart keeps yearning for nights of bright moonlight, cascading down with its gentle embrace. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 1)

A holy journey. A pilgrim’s way.

Every year, hundreds make their way  for a holy bath due to the holiness of Gosaikunda for both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is said that this is the place where Lord Shiva used his trident to extract water from the mountains so that he could cool his stinging throat from a poisoning.

Lord Shiva is the creator, regenerator, and dissolver. Standing alongside Brahma and Vishnu, he is one part of three supreme deities in the Hindu faith. As I take on this trek, I find myself looking upon this journey and on some of the things that I can “dissolve” in my life, never to look back on them again. [Read more…]

17 Life Lessons Learnt While Hiking Bukit Tabur (A Pictorial Journey)

#1 The start of any journey is a mixed set of feelings. Anticipation. Joy. Apprehension. No matter where the journey may take you, it’s that first footstep that is often the most difficult to take. This is because moving forward means you must leave something else behind. [Read more…]

Hike Singapore series – Mount Faber Loops

It has been a long while since I last joined a training session doing local hikes. It was not unexpected to see surprised faces and receiving comments like “I bet you have more stamps on your passport than your footprints on local trails, Simon”.

For the record, I do my workout at the MacRitchie Tree Top walk at least once a week, ok?

In preparation for next April’s Trek For Hope: The Himalayan Panoramas, me and a few of the participants joined FitnessKakis last weekend at Mount Faber, Singapore’s 2nd tallest hill standing at 105 metres. Don’t laugh! We also have void deck weddings and funerals, so for the foreigners who may be reading this, we aren’t envious of your tall mountains! [Read more…]

Dare to Expect Victory


In times of need.
In moments of quiet.
Failure plants a seed.
To become a quiet riot.
Where we dare not question it.
Yet we can dare to expect victory.
When we change where we look to see.
To what the future may come to be.
Instead of past failures in history.

Breaking bread.
Giving thanks.
Stops a feeling of dread.
Stops all from breaking ranks.
Together we are faster.
Together we strive longer.
Three cords are always stronger.
Writer, teacher, hiker, pastor.
Together we find the greenest pasture.

There will be times of worry.
Moments can be hard.
Especially when we are in a hurry.
Or if we are always on guard.
Yet victory can always be the plan.
When we work as hard as we can.
Anxiety set aside by every man.
Our combined faith is the caravan.
Coming whether we walked or we ran.

Sometimes a moment of silence.
Or perhaps a moment of prayer.
Stops the internal violence.
To bring a victory beyond compare.
It is often ourselves that we fight.
Each and every dark night.
And feel like we’ll never be all right.
Yet when there is even the tiniest light.
We can dare to achieve victory with all of our might.

Every footstep that we take.
Every decision ever made.
Every sunset journey we make
Are moments to never trade.
Victory is found in moments like those.
No matter what our clothes.
Or how a climb to the summit goes.
In the past, victory always arose.
Even when many would choose to oppose.

So even when times seem dark.
When there is no hope to see.
Together we can always make our mark.
Because we’ve dared to achieve victory.
It maybe be a summit or a valley.
A difficult path where we must rally.
The darkest ever life alley.
We can always make a positive tally.
Because victory will always be our finale.


Climbing G5 Gunung Chamah @ 2,171m.a.s.l


By Lily Ho

This hike was initiated by an expeditor to celebrate his last G12 summit. He was unable to join the hike due to an unforeseen commitment, however, but we still continued with the plan. From a read-through of some blogs, this mountain was analysed as the toughest amongst G7 mainly due to its remote location. We would need to pass by few false peaks before reaching the summit of Gunung Chamah, a totally wild and less disturbed G5. [Read more…]

The 7 Mantras of Travel


One of the things we review as a group before setting off on a journey together are the 7 mantras of travel. Some may call these mantras “rules” or “expectations,” but they are offered more as an opportunity for personal reflection. The goal is to have each person enjoy the journey, experience something new and meaningful, while finding out something about themselves along the way.

Yet these 7 mantras aren’t just for the days when we set foot on Earth that is new. Each step we take through our daily routines is also an opportunity to see and experience something new. We travel each day to work, to run errands, or have a family meal together.

If we approach each journey in life, whether to a summit or just down the street, these mantras can help every one of us find the perfect moments of life that are just waiting for us right now. [Read more…]

Amazing Hikes You Must Do Before You Die: The Great Himalayan Trail (The Holy Grail)


The Himalayas are one of the most impressive, magical, and daunting places our planet has to offer. One of the most impressive ways to enjoy the vistas offered by these massive monoliths is the Great Himalaya Trail [GHT]. It offers opportunities for trekkers and hikers who wish to challenge themselves. The high route requires some degree of mountaineering, while the low route allows the opportunity to travel from village to village, enjoying Nepalese culture.

Either way, the adventurer has a unique opportunity to explore the world and themselves on the GHT – whether they spend a few days there or a few months.

There are 9 trails in particular which are a joy to complete. [Read more…]