Mount Raung – Overcoming the Angry Giant

Each tear is a poet, a teacher and a healer – Rune Lazuli

Mount Raung is a volcanic mount which is famous for volcano trekking. Located in Java Island, Indonesia, one can get to witness an active volcano when hitting this trail. The dimensions of the caldera of Mount Raung ​​alone are 750 m x 2.250 m, or 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) in width, and there are active smokes all round within graying rim – though the rim color can vary depending on the volcanic activity. [Read more…]

I Climbed My First Mountain, and It Changed My Life Forever

By Gemma Wang

I have always been the type of person who loves challenges. I love to push my limit and see how far I can get, expand my comfort zone and generally, just continue becoming a better individual at any chance I can get. So naturally, when the opportunity came that offered me to climb my first mountain in 2015, I took the chance and said yes. It was one of the most amazing and memorable “yes” I made.

I wasn’t prepared for it. I was not specifically training to navigate rigorous and steep terrain, and who knows whatever challenges there are in climbing a mountain. So when dawn came that we had to start the climb, I was mentally telling myself “You can do this!” [Read more…]

Gunung Semeru @ 3,676m.a.s.l (The highest volcanic mountain in Java Island, Indonesia)

1Sunrise Clouds on the Mahameru

By Lily Ho, Malaysia

Mt. Semeru is the second volcanic mountain summited after we climbed Mt. Rinjani last year on the same day. We did not have good experience on Mt. Rinjani as we were only able to reach the summit approximately an hour after the sunrise. In total, it was 5 hours from the base camp to the summit.

Therefore, I decided to choose a volcanic mountain which is lower than Mt. Rinjani, thinking that it would be an easier one. With this, we invited members, bought tickets, and planned accordingly. Only when this process was complete was when I realised that Mt. Semeru is actually more technically demanding if compared with Mt. Rinjani. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 3)

The sun sets at Lauribinayek, bringing the day to a close.

The next morning, despite the smoke-filled cabin where some felt sick, the team was ready and at full strength. All 19 of us were up before our alarms, excited for the beginning of the day. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 1)

A holy journey. A pilgrim’s way.

Every year, hundreds make their way  for a holy bath due to the holiness of Gosaikunda for both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is said that this is the place where Lord Shiva used his trident to extract water from the mountains so that he could cool his stinging throat from a poisoning.

Lord Shiva is the creator, regenerator, and dissolver. Standing alongside Brahma and Vishnu, he is one part of three supreme deities in the Hindu faith. As I take on this trek, I find myself looking upon this journey and on some of the things that I can “dissolve” in my life, never to look back on them again. [Read more…]

17 Life Lessons Learnt While Hiking Bukit Tabur (A Pictorial Journey)

#1 The start of any journey is a mixed set of feelings. Anticipation. Joy. Apprehension. No matter where the journey may take you, it’s that first footstep that is often the most difficult to take. This is because moving forward means you must leave something else behind. [Read more…]

The Stok Kangri Expedition 2016 – A Pictorial Journey (Part 3)


continued from Part 2

Day 3: Mankorma (4300m) to Base camp (5000m) Today we make our way to Base Camp (finally!)

The snow peaks get nearer in sight with each day, signalling that we are closer to summit day with each footstep.

I once read that Jesus spent his formative years in Ladakh before He went into his ministry at the age 30. There seemed to have some historical records proven that a man from the middle east came to live and walk among them during these times. [Read more…]

The Stok Kangri Expedition 2016 – A Pictorial Journey (Part 2)

continued from Part 1

The lure of the sun comes early here. By 5:30am, I can already see darkness ceding to the light. From my experiences in Siguniang ’15,  I have chosen not to be deceived on this day. I remain in my sleeping bag until the warmth from the sun’s rays can be felt.

I slept well during the night. There was a bit of a rustle outside, maybe from footsteps of humans or animals. It could have been the wind. “At least it wasn’t a bear,” I think to myself.

Today’s itinerary will see the team pass through the barren grey landscape of Ladakh from Chang Ma (3988m) to Mankorma (4350m). [Read more…]

The Stok Kangri Expedition 2016 – A Pictorial Journey (Part 1)

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit

August 2015. There was this pact made on the summit of Dafeng, Siguniang between a group of climbers. This pact dictated that every year, a few of us would seek to come together and outdo our previous year’s achievement, proving to ourselves that we still have what is takes. Our commitment to each other was a year’s worth of discipline and training.

How do you decide on which mountain to choose to climb? Do you choose according to your budget…or time…or what enthralls your imagination? No matter what it takes to climb it? [Read more…]