17 Dream Destinations Adventure Villagers want to visit in 2017/8!

17 Dream Destinations

a collaborative blog post by The Adventure Village

There are some adventures that we do on a regular basis because they are fun or having meaning to us in some way. Then there are the adventures that we dream about doing one day.

We talked to our community members of Adventure Village to see what their dream adventures and destinations would be. Here are the top trekking destinations that members would like to see organized in the future. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 3)

The sun sets at Lauribinayek, bringing the day to a close.

The next morning, despite the smoke-filled cabin where some felt sick, the team was ready and at full strength. All 19 of us were up before our alarms, excited for the beginning of the day. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 2)


The moon shone brightly down. It was so bright, in fact, that it kept us up on Day 1 at Thuro Sybesi. A good excuse for peanuts and Everest beer. It continued to shine down like this on Day 2 at Thulo Syabru.

And its light reminded me of my first visit to Nepal with the Annapurna Base Camp trek. The night spent under the starlit skies at Jhinu Danda, dancing to Jazz, enjoying beer and raski. It’s a beautiful memory.

Every trip is meant to be unique in its own way. Each offers a different experience, but one that still relates to our past. This is what drives us forward in hope toward future days. We keep exploring for more moments like these. The heart keeps yearning for nights of bright moonlight, cascading down with its gentle embrace. [Read more…]

The Things You’ll Leave Behind on the Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang, Nepal (Part 1)

A holy journey. A pilgrim’s way.

Every year, hundreds make their way  for a holy bath due to the holiness of Gosaikunda for both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is said that this is the place where Lord Shiva used his trident to extract water from the mountains so that he could cool his stinging throat from a poisoning.

Lord Shiva is the creator, regenerator, and dissolver. Standing alongside Brahma and Vishnu, he is one part of three supreme deities in the Hindu faith. As I take on this trek, I find myself looking upon this journey and on some of the things that I can “dissolve” in my life, never to look back on them again. [Read more…]

6 Things You Must Know if You Are a First Time Trekker In Nepal



One might consider themselves a trekker and accomplished many great things, but paying pilgrimage with a trek to Nepal changes everything. Many think of Mount Everest when they think of Nepal, but it is home to 8 of the tallest peaks in the world. There are numerous summits in the world that can provide you with an awesome view, but the Himalayas inspire awe on their own.

Since that is something which is virtually impossible to put into words, I thought I’d put together a list of the lessons I learned from my recent trek pilgrimage to Nepal. That way, when you plan your first-time trek in Nepal, you’ll be ready for some of the experiences you may encounter. [Read more…]

Wisdom of the Mysterious Land – Upper Mustang


“Sky Cave in the Upper Mustang and its capital, Lo Mantang.”

By Lily Ho, Malaysia

Mustang – some call it “The loss of Kingdom”, others call it “the desert of Nepal”. This place is located within the world’s highest mountain range and is to the south of Tibet Autonomous Region. It is widely believed that Mustang is one of those places where traditional Tibetan culture still remains intact and untouched. This was the main reason for me to visit this remote Kingdom of Mustang. The old-style of Tibetan culture remains after Tibetans had escaped away from their homeland via the Himalayas due to persecution. This culture may not be found easily in the Tibet Autonomous Region today.  [Read more…]

Amazing Hikes You Must Do Before You Die: The Markha Valley Trek


Hiking through the Markha Valley allows individuals to have the experience of climbing India’s Himalayas. The valley is found in Ladakh, which is filled with interesting people and beautiful landscaping, making it a truly unique and refreshing experience for many. Ladakh is a desert located at a high altitude. Many hikers find this an appealing aspect of participating in this particular trek. The remote location of the desert peaks the curiosity of hikers coming from all over the world.

[Read more…]

A City Boy’s First Trekking Experience in Nepal (Langtang Trail)


Memoir of Langtang Trekking May 2014

By Lum YL

I am not sure if Nepal is one place where many people have on their bucket list. A year ago when I was between jobs, I signed up for a 10 days Langtang Trail trek which included the summit of Kyangjin Rii at 4,773 masl. The trek leader was a close lady friend and career partner of mine for many years. For years I observed that adventurous persons like her, typically have a great sense of persistence and determination. They are also inspirational and good team players. I am not exaggerating when i say that trekking at Nepal is a life-changing affair. Like how I would approach any new ventures in life, I tell myself –  “what the heck right?” Just do it, for the sake of change.  [Read more…]

The Great Himalayan Trail (The Holy Grail) – Rewards Programme


The Himalayas are one of the most impressive, magical, and daunting places our planet has to offer. One of the most impressive ways to enjoy the vistas offered by these massive monoliths is the Great Himalaya Trail [GHT]. It offers opportunities for trekkers and hikers who wish to challenge themselves. The high route requires some degree of mountaineering, while the low route allows the opportunity to travel from village to village, enjoying Nepalese culture.

Either way, the adventurer has a unique opportunity to explore the world and themselves on the GHT – whether they spend a few days there or a few months.

There are 9 trails in particular which are a joy to complete. [Read more…]

To Nepal, with love

2085673379_4c570f1d5f_oThe news of the terrible tragedy that has fallen upon Nepal has been heard around the world. We all feel for the people and the communities that have been affected by this misfortune. While we pray for the victims of the earthquake and support the ongoing rescue efforts, we also celebrate what makes Nepal so endearing in the first place. Let’s take some time to remember the people, places and natural beauty that will always keep Nepal in our hearts and on our minds. [Read more…]